Can Remote Doorman Systems Replace Real Doormen?

You may know that door attendants have the responsibility to secure your place, welcome the residents and their guests, and receive the deliveries on behalf of the tenant. However, employing a doorman can cost you around $375,000 per year, which is relatively expensive than a remote doorman. As you may know, property owners usually have less budget for security. However, they need more security nowadays.

The real doorman cannot stay alert 24/7 or monitor every visitor. They don’t offer advanced features, even after charging a hefty amount of money from you. On the other hand, remote doorman is cost-effective and provides its users with unique features. There are various benefits of using a remote doorman, making it a smart solution for enhanced security. 

The following are some of its advantages, which will convince you to replace your real doorman with a remote doorman.

Advantages of Remote Doorman

Minimizes Your Frustration

The remote doorman doesn’t need your briefings that who you want to allow in your home and how they look. But you might have to explain this to your real doorman; this can be frustrating and time-consuming. However, the remote doorman will simply notify the tenant on their smartphones. Once the system verifies the guest, the doorman will let the guest inside your house. So, it just merely takes seconds to welcome your guest.

No Hiring and Firing Cycle

People often hire a doorman who doesn’t even know how to do their work. They make mistakes that irritate both the residents and their guests, which forces you to fire the person. Even if they perform their duty efficiently, they may find a new job or take a few days off. Hence, you will have to hire a new doorkeeper. In the case of a remote doorman, you don’t have to go through this act.

Complete Privacy

Of course, privacy is the most common concern of every tenant. While it feels good being greeted by a person when you come home, some may have concerns. Most people don’t want to let people know their timings of leaving and coming home. This way, their privacy gets compromised. Fortunately, a remote doorman offers you complete privacy.

Lesser Cost

As we have discussed before, hiring a full-time doorman can cost you a lot. At the same time, the remote doorman will cost you 90% less than doorkeepers. This means you can avail more benefits from the remote doorman in a fraction of the price.

Not to mention, you can also choose from the different packages they offer that best fits you. To give the best experiences to its users, it also allows you to add some additional services.

More Safety

With the advancement in technology, companies are introducing new features to give people maximum security. The remote doorman uses almost all the necessary technologies to ensure your security. It offers video recording outside your building, which you can view from your smartphone remotely. This means you can control who you want to let inside your home with just a few taps.

Spending Money on Tipping

Another advantage of having a virtual doorman is that you don’t have to tip any person, especially on holidays. Tipping is not mandatory, but it’s basic etiquette. It motivates doormen to do their work more efficiently. Also, as they also work on holidays, you need to compensate for it through tips. However, a remote doorman offers you all the services without asking for tips.

Additional Services

You usually get the traditional doorman facility if you live in luxurious buildings. The doorman at these places is responsible for giving you high security, greeting you when you pass by, and taking your packages on your behalf.
On the other hand, a virtual doorman offers all these amenities to almost all types of properties. So, even if you don’t live in a high-end building, you can install a virtual doorman.

Bottom Line

Because of the range of facilities and higher security, the remote doorman can replace the traditional doormen. It can offer you a variety of features at an affordable cost, which you can hardly get from the real doormen.