Are Virtual Doorman Systems Safe?

Virtual Doorman System comes with plenty of features designed to give you maximum security. It has two-way intercoms, face recognition, video recording, and other features that work collectively to give you the best experience. Despite having several advantages, these features can also cause problems for its users. This is why it opens the debate about its security.  

We have mentioned some of the common benefits and drawbacks of this technology, which you should know. Read the article to understand whether a virtual doorman system is safe.

Benefits of the Virtual Doorman System

There are many advantages of a virtual doorman system that protect you and your property.

It is Technology-Driven

Okay, the first advantage of using this system is that it is technology-driven. The doors are tightly closed with the help of complex locking systems. Plus, there is no way a person can enter into the door without going through the procedure. Even the visitor can only place their foot inside your premises after receiving a code or access from a remote system. 

So, without proper checking and identification, no one can get into the building.

Incorporates New Technologies

Another most important security advantage: it uses the latest technologies. This helps the doorman to verify people more accurately. It is a virtual system, and you can monitor the entry gates or doorways through video and audio aiphone intercom system. But with time, companies are integrating newer technologies to offer better security than before. 

Not to mention, the virtual doorman also allows you to identify many visitors simultaneously, which you can hardly achieve through traditional doorkeepers. Even if you do, it will take much longer than the virtual doorman.

Offers Customized Services

The virtual doorman can adapt to the services you want. This means you can customize this technology according to your requirements. You can include different smart features like confirming access codes through the audio system. 

You can customize every security system that is present in the doorman system. This will help improve the overall security of your home, office etc.

Drawbacks of Virtual Doorman System

While virtual doorman systems offer many advantages, people have some concerns about this technology. This is because of some loopholes.

Risk of System Failure

Although this is almost impossible, if it happens, it can be problematic. In the case of system failure, you will have to get the issue fixed by the experts or company.

Moreover, if a person is inside the premises and the system collapse suddenly, they will get locked in their own home until they get help from the virtual doorman company.

Concerns about Privacy

People have many concerns due to its face recognition technology. How the company stores the data? How do they ensure to maintain confidentiality? What will happen if hackers get access to their system and share all the private data? 

In addition, the database also contains other essential details of tenants like when they enter or leave their homes? How many people live in a building? What is the access code of a tenant, etc.? If this information gets into the wrong hands, it can lead to safety risks.

The Inefficiency of Artificial Intelligence

No doubt that this technology has a unique method of facial recognition, but it can be inefficient sometimes. The virtual doorman can easily and accurately identify the white men compared to the minorities. Moreover, one in three times, it fails to recognize people of color. 

This usually happens with dark-skinned women. Because of this drawback, some people feel it’s not an efficient security system.

Bottom Line

Like all the other technologies, the virtual doorman system also has some disadvantages. Most of them are merely concerns and usually don’t happen. You can get some minor issues fixed with new innovative technologies. This is why if it fits your requirements, you should use this technology for your safety.