5 Reasons NYC Buildings Should Have an Intercom System

Citizens of NYC have fast-paced lives. Almost every person you find in the city is busy, juggling multiple tasks. It’s almost difficult to be present all the time to protect their homes. For this reason, NYC buildings need to install intercom systems for the security of the residents. This technology can help them in many ways to enhance security.

We have mentioned some of the common reasons why NYC buildings must have an intercom system. Read the article to learn more.


The most important reason for installing an intercom system is safety. It allows you to see who is at the door, even if you are not at your home. Not only will you know who is waiting outside your home, but it also allows you to communicate with them.

So, if a person doesn’t have any reason to enter your premises, you need not give them access to your home. You can control the entire procedure from your mobile. Not to mention, you need to integrate other technologies with intercom systems for improved security.


This technology offers you a convenient life. You can choose the method of how you want to give access to your visitors. Also, you don’t have to run every time to open and close the door. It allows you to lock and unlock the door while sitting anywhere in your home or even a remote place.

Moreover, you don’t need to go outside if you think something is fishy. You can simply use this intercom’s camera feature to view outside of your premises.


Most buildings in New York have an intercom system. They not only rely on this system because of its security features but also because they are cost-effective. So, if you don’t have an intercom system in your office or home, consider installing one at an affordable price.

Audio and Video Intercom

You can find various security features that offer you improved security. For instance, with an audio intercom, you can speak to the person on the other end with the help of the app on your smartphone. However, a person with hearing difficulties can also benefit from this technology in a different way. They can go for a system that has a video intercom. 

These types of intercoms come with built-in cameras to allow users to identify the visitors by face. It is best for the buildings that don’t have full-time security staff.

Smartphone Compatibility

With advancements in technology, intercom companies are introducing new features. The new models of the intercoms allow you to use it even if you are far away from your home. 

So, if a guest rings the doorbell and you are not at home, you can check who’s there through your mobile. Also, you can communicate with the visitor, which makes them think you are in the apartment. This feature ensures even higher security and is ideal for NYC’s citizens, who have busy schedules and spend most of the time outside their homes.

Bottom Line

The intercom system integrates with several technologies to give you maximum security. It also makes your life simpler and easier. The best part of this technology is that it gives you full control over your home’s privacy and security through your mobile. You can let people inside your home, even when you are present at a remote place. Because of all these reasons, the intercom systems are getting popular in NYC.