Residential Security Camera

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Our Residential Security Cameras

Home is the safest place for everyone. But you cannot say this for your neighborhood. Even if your neighborhood is very good you cannot guarantee its safety as you cannot control who goes and comes by. Residential security cameras are a must have to ensure that you and your family members are safe and secure. To monitor your neighborhood and door entrance, get the best security camera in NYC for your home and apartment. Contact us to get one installed today.

One of the most sophisticated cameras, PTZ have additional features of a rotational head and zoom-in features. You can set up PTZ camera to rotate at the certain times of the day.

Digital Security Cameras

Digital cameras or IP camera (Internet Protocol) is wireless security surveillance cameras, unlike the CCTV cameras. IP camera allows you to send and receive data through a computer-based network and internet connection.

Vandal-proof cameras are weather and vandal resistant. These are dome shaped cameras, the dome shape is protective to the lens made out of durable material. We even offer vandal proff cameras with a rotating head.

Security Camera Solutions​ for Home

We offer a variety of security cameras for your home, apartment, or any kind of private property. You can get a CCTV camera or a digital IP camera to monitor the surroundings of your property. We have a wide range of digital IP cameras for your residential apartment and buildings. We have a night-vision camera, PTZ camera , Nanny camera, Hidden camera, Vandalproof camera, Infrared and Thermal camera. Each one of our security cameras provides video surveillance that records 24/7 and allows you to replay and retrieve any recording at any time.