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Vandal Proof Cameras

Having a good security system is an essential part of life for every business owner or home owner. Cameras add more than an alarm system alone, giving the owner the ability to see what is happening outside. They are also beneficial as a means of evidence if vandalism or theft takes place on the property. Cameras are now highly advanced and have excellent graphics capabilities, allowing images to be zoomed in on and the perpetrators to be identified and caught. There is one problem that many consumers face when purchasing security cameras - that is protection from vandals. While vandals are well-known for tagging or damaging property, they have also become more aware that home and business owners plant cameras. They know how to vandalize or destroy some of the most commonly-sold devices, which are not the most optimal. Fortunately, there are vandal proof cameras available. This article will explain how they work and what to look for.

The most popular type of vandal proof camera is a dome-shaped CCTV camera. When most people think about a security camera, a small device with a lens, sitting atop a block, comes to mind. Those types of cameras are good for watching one specific area - and for receiving foul treatment from vandals. Since the vandal can take one look and know where the camera is pointing, they can avoid that area, pull the camera down or disable it by detaching the visible wires. A dome CCTV camera gives an alternative solution to both problems. With the dome shape, it is easier to fit into a surface, giving it a much more inconspicuous look. Add a ring around it and someone may mistake it for a button or decoration. The dome over the actual camera offers protection if the vandal tries to smash it. Most vandals carry crowbars or bats, so if the dome camera is small enough, they may be able to smash the shell off if they notice it, but destroying the actual camera inside will be much more difficult. Since everything is enclosed in a dome, they are also not able to pull the wires loose to disable it. They will also not know which direction the camera is pointing, so they will be more likely to just go away to avoid the risk of getting caught.

Another popular design for vandal resistant cameras is a rotating head camera. These are similar to the dome cameras, but they have a few more features. Consequently, they are also more expensive because of those features. The rotating head camera looks like a dome, but instead there is a small lens that can be maneuvered around by remote controlling. Some of them are hooked up to a special system designed only to operate the camera; more advanced models may be able to be accessed by a home computer. Some of the cameras have a feature to randomly rotate. They can be set to rotate at a specific time - or to just randomly rotate. If a vandal approaches a home or business with one of these cameras and has any knowledge of security devices, they will move on, knowing it is not worth the effort. The rotating head camera has all of its wiring securely protected inside the metal casing, which is shaped like a tall dome. At the end of the camera, the small lens head is made of durable material and protected since it is under the surface and recessed into the metal casing. This makes it difficult for the vandal to destroy it. When installed properly, these cameras are also very difficult to knock down, especially if they are well above head level. Most of these designs also have powerful zoom, so a criminal will know they can't expect to outsmart it. In a continually-rotating head, the criminal will also have something else to think about - whether the head is automatically programmed or the owner is inside, making the camera turn. Either way, they do not want to mess with these types of cameras.

Both styles of vandal proof cameras are great for business owners and homeowners. The least expensive method is to hook up a dome camera and connected it to a closed circuit channel on the television. This allows the home or business owner to see what is going on outside simply by turning their television set to the right channel. Some sets also have their own T.V set, apart from the home television. It is also possible to see a split-frame screen with views from each of the locations, if multiple dome cameras are installed. With a rotating-head camera system, the cameras can be hooked up to a closed circuit television or, in some cases, to a computer. Computerized systems are generally more expensive and come with more complex software, so they are better suited for large business owners who have so many cameras that they require quick access to several screens. Homeowners and small business owners will benefit more, as far as cost and efficiency are concerned, to purchase a closed circuit rotating-head system instead. These are much easier to install - most come with a do-it-yourself installation kit and accompanying instructions. Always be sure to buy products from a reputable company. Choose companies that offer warranties and product guarantees. A good company will always stand behind the vandal proof camera systems they sell.