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Nanny Cams

There are many types of nanny cams available for purchase on today's market, and all of them are made to provide for a unique set of circumstances. However, just what is a nanny cam, what does it do and why is it such a necessity to any given situation? This article will provide helpful insight and details into the functionality and purposes of various nanny cams, which will consequently enable you to better decide on which kind is most appropriate to your situation. In the end, only you can decipher which unit is best for you, but you can be sure that the information here will serve as an excellent guiding light.

What is a nanny cam? Several definitions regarding these machines are out there, but the same basic message comes across in all of them. One of the most widely known definitions of a nanny cam is as follows: "The Nanny Cam, otherwise known as a Nanny Camera, is a type of concealed surveillance device that has been overtly set up inside of a household article."

One of the more common conclusions to be drawn from this definition is that nanny cams are used by people who have issues with paranoia or by someone who is desperate to force their control over a situation. This assumption is totally inaccurate and untrue on both counts! Nanny cams are not like what you see on television or in spy movies, so what kind of people will generally own one of these units? These machines are often used in both small-scale and major operations for both commercial and private situations. With all of the crime and violence that takes place, there is a real need for these machines in today's world. There is no end to the kinds of situations or people involved when it comes to the use of a nanny cam, and all of them are always for a valid cause. An example of a commercial situation would be a packing and shipping facility that has recurring issues with stolen freight. Stolen freight means damaged revenue and major losses for the company, so the coordinator of that center might set up a nanny cam to figure out who is stealing their cargo to press charges. One of the most commonly occurring private situations will entail the presence of a small child or infant in the household who requires visual monitoring. The reasons for establishing this kind of surveillance has always been connected to ensuring the safety of that child from an external threat of some kind.

For example, a parent may be living in a neighborhood that is considered to be a particularly dangerous and high-crime area for that town. Having a nanny cam set up in the baby's room offers that parent some peace of mind, as it enables them to be fully aware of their child at all times. Another example for when a nanny cam would be used is if the child's parent is concerned about some strange injuries turning up on their small child's body. These injuries could range from bad bruises to scratches or red marks that appear to have no rhyme or reason. Could this possibly be the result of an abusive nanny that the parent hired? The parent wants to figure out what is going on with their child to determine whether they are self-inflicted or caused by an external source. Some young toddlers and babies unwittingly injure themselves on furniture and cribs, so this is a possibility that should never be ruled out. If that turns out to be the case for the young child's injuries, having the nanny cam's recorded footage will enable their parent to see how everything unfolded. In turn, they will also be able to eliminate that possibility if it was indeed something else.

If the hidden nanny cam's footage reveals that their child is being abused by the nanny or caretaker, this will give that parent solid evidence to turn over to the authorities. The parent will then be able to press charges and have a dangerous person put behind bars for this awful crime. A parent may suspect that abuse is occurring from the very start but also realizes that, in order to safeguard their own innocence in light of the abuse that is probably happening, they must provide infallible proof to the police. The nanny cam offers a stronger possibility of catching the abuse in action than any other form of surveillance since it is completely hidden from sight. They can be disguised by such common household objects as alarm clocks, electrical cords, stereo systems, wall hangings and even teddy bears. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to hiding your surveillance camera.

How does a nanny cam work? It depends on the model. Most will require an external recording unit. Generally, this means connecting the nanny cam to a DVR player or VCR. The video feed is sent via signal over the cable network in use. However, one of the great things about nanny cams is that their feed does not have to be limited to a television monitor for viewing. They can also work through computers and cell phones for parents who want to be able to watch their child while on the go. The cell phone compatible unit is wireless and, even though a wireless connection is more expensive, it is definitely worth the money. The image that is projected on the monitor will almost always be in black and white unless you purchase a higher end model that incorporates color. There are also the nanny cam units that use innovative motion capture technology, but you should know that these will cost you a pretty penny. Be sure to conduct your own research on the many different nanny cam units being sold. Only you can know what you are truly in need of. Take advantage of the information provided here to make sure that your purchase will be a satisfactory one!