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All About Keypad Entry Locks

If there were a way to protect your family with a few numbers, would you use it? What if this solution was intuitive, user-friendly, and even fun? What if you could save your home from intruders by pressing a few buttons? Wouldn't you take advantage of a security situation with a key that isn't capable of being lost? If you feel that these questions apply to you, you might want to consider installing a keypad entry lock as part of your home security system.

Keypad entry locks are used as an access control system to exercise command over who enters a home. Similar to using a key, this form of entry controls whether or not a person is granted access to open a door. A code which is entered without error allows a person seeking entry to open the door. If a code is entered incorrectly, an entry seeker is denied access. In this manner, a code is used as a key. Unlike a key, though, the code to a keypad entry lock is difficult to lose and even harder to steal. A code is able to be memorized with ease. When a traditional key is lost, anyone who knows where they key fits can possess the knowledge necessary to use it to open a door. A keypad does not have this risk, because only those who know a code and the manner in which it must be entered can be granted access to a house. Because a code is a mental rather than physical entity, it is less likely to end up in the wrong hands. Curbing the risk of break-ins, keypad entry is a great security solution for many types of people and many different needs.

Who Needs a Keypad Entry Lock

Keypad entry locks are incredibly versatile in their serviceability. This means that this type of access system can be used in apartment buildings and mansions, mom and pop businesses and national corporations, village schools and hugely populated prisons.

Home owners especially appreciate the convenience a code supplies and the ease with which it can be used. When both people in a set of parents work all day long, the worry of whether their child will be able to safely get in, much less lock the door behind themselves, can be enough to drive them crazy. However, a keypad can be used by children and make sure that a home is safe, even when children forget to lock the door. Since keypad entry locks require special knowledge, keypads make a door difficult to break into. Other uses around a home include toy protection. People with expensive boats, cars, lawn tractors, dirt bikes, all terrain vehicles or rough terrain vehicles appreciate the protection offered by a keypad entry lock. The higher level of security with a low price tag means ease of mind for a person with pole barns and garages with these types of items inside.

Businesses also love utilizing keypad access. Restricting access to sensitive rooms and materials is a key concern of businesses, and adding a keypad entry lock can help a business to obtain this goal. This can result in lower amounts of theft and increase the protection of expensive office goods. Besides protecting equipment, keypad entry can also control who enters a business front. Installing such locks can help to increase the security of an office or institution.

Keypad Entry Lock Types

Keypad entry locks all operate under a common system, but there are differences that set apart the types of keypad entry locks and divide them into several categories. Small differences between keypads and locks can result in an entirely different system. Code entry is one variable which is very important in determining which type of lock to purchase. Many keypads are similar to those on home or mobile telephones, with a number of keys with numbers emblazoned on them. In newer types of access control, a keypad might be a touch screen. In some simpler systems, entry is done through a simple push-button mechanism. This mechanism is non-electric, and unlocks a series of components.

Another factor in purchasing a keypad entry lock is identifying which type of extras you want to include. many systems come with remote controls, while others use traditional keys in a supporting role. Some commercial systems use additional forms of identification such as proximity sensors or ID cards, which can be utilized to augment security. The number of users supported by a lock is another consideration to put a great deal of thought into choosing. The correct system will be able to support the number of people who use a lock. The number available can vary from 1 to 2000+ users, so make sure that you're buying enough but not too much capacity.

How to Work a Keypad Entry Lock

The "key" to a keypad entry lock is selecting, implementing, and utilizing a code. In an initial set up, a code is chose to function as the password to be used for entry. Once the code is programmed in, it is stored by the software to be accessed later. When a code is entered, software compares the code entered to the one in the records using software. If a match is determined, the door is unlocked. If a match fails to be determined, the door does not unlock. The concept is that simple!