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IP Intercom System

When it comes to communicating back and forth in a large area, such as classrooms in a school back and forth to the office, or IT support desk, you need something that will allow easy access to the people you need to talk to. A great way to have two-way communication is to use an IP Intercom system. This system allows back and forth discussion between classrooms and IT or classrooms and the office areas. You will never feel isolated or too far away from support if you have one of these.

There are many companies that can offer an IP Intercom system. There are also many types available. Extron is one company who offers a variety of models for whatever your communication needs are. They have the IPI 101 Integrated system and the IPI 200 series that is a standalone model. We will take a look at each of them briefly.

The IPI 101 series requires only one network cable to be dropped and it also needs only one IP address for all your intercom and audio-visual requirements. The 200 series is powered independently of others and has its own Ethernet connector. It does not require any additional hardware.

Other types of an IP intercom system are the AN-8000 model made by Aiphone. They offer a total of 16 units that can be a combination of door and master stations. Up to 1280 different devices can be connected via 80 exchanges. Speakers provide the ability to page throughout the units. If you have an external amplifier, you will be able to page up to 160 different zones in all. With the right software, you can perform off-site maintenance using a computer. The clarity of the sound is better than most telephones. These systems have keypads through which you can make phone calls. The system only takes up a small area of bandwidth.

Another company called Barix makes a product called the Annuncicom 155. This product can be used as a pager, an intercom, and to monitor applications. It has twin Ethernet ports, and is fitted with a sensor that determines product health and monitors it in adverse conditions. They are able to be used over a wide range of areas and can include call desk and help intercoms throughout your system. They have products for a wide variety of electronic uses.

Kintronics is another company that offers a lot of electronic products such as an IP intercom system for your home, business, school, or correctional facilities. They can use your existing Ethernet connections to run your ip intercom system. They are easy to install and easy to use and maintain. They have a patent pending for their process.

So, what are some of the uses of an IP Intercom system? Well, many schools use them for communicating between the classrooms and the administrative offices. They might also need the Internet Technology department's help desk for dealing with any technical problems. If there are door speakers, you might use them to monitor who is wanting access to your school's main entrance. One company makes a program named Bell Commander which able to control all your bells and intercom systems. You can even use it for paging needs as well. This system has been used by Bell Helicopter for factory bells and buzzers for their time clocks. A variety of schools use this for their systems for an intercom, pager, and alarm or bell system.

Other users of an IP intercom system are correctional facilities. You may have different areas of a prison or correctional facility that need to communicate with each other or alert each other of important news. You do not want to be stuck using a telephone when you can use a nice IP intercom system. They are so much more reliable and the clarity is much better than that of a telephone. You can alert the guards in one section of a security problem in another area or make announcements over an intercom system. You can also page someone on most of them. They may have one at the gates to alert the guards at the other gates of approaching visitors so they can allow them access to their area.

Hospitals or medical centers are other users of an IP intercom system. They might need to communicate with each other via intercom between two different departments in order to keep phone lines free. They might use them to communicate with patients in hospital rooms, or with the operating room staff inside an operating theater.

So, how do these systems work? Well, without getting too technical about it, here is an explanation of what goes on behind the scenes of an IP intercom system. First, you have to choose your system. There are so many systems available from a big variety of companies. The best thing about IP intercom systems is that they are scalable; you can start with a few and add more as your needs grow over time.

Next, these systems are best installed by a professional. They transmit via a LAN and WAN network that may or may not require a cable depending if they are local area network (wire or cable) or wide area network(no cable). Most of the units you get now are easy to install, but it is better to get a pro to set up and instruct you on its use.