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Electric Locks: A Secure Solution for Any Home or Business

You cross the threshold of your home, and quickly deadbolt your door before stepping out. Your door is locked. Or is it, really? How sure are you that you locked your door when you left the house? How sure are you that your outdated lock will hold up to an attempt at lock picking by a sharply minded criminal. The thought of being exposed to the threat of break-ins, theft, and other forms of a general invasion of privacy can torment a homeowner or business person all day long. Thankfully, there is an easy solution which can help to ease your mind about the risks of using a traditional style lock to protect your home and family or business and employees. Installing an electric lock, also known as an electronic lock, will help to make sure that your door is automatically locked immediately after you leave, and will still be locked by the time that you return. This creates an undeniable gain in the quality of security in a home or business. Protecting your home from your own forgetfulness can result in protection of your home from many outside factors. Installing an electric lock can help to alleviate fears of forgetfulness and the ever pressing dread of burglars and break-ins. Electric locks are both reliable and efficient, and they allow for a higher degree of security. There are many types of electric locks available for purchase and the different varieties can meet an assortment of needs. So are electric locks right for you?

Who Can Use an Electric Lock?

Virtually everyone can use an electric lock. If you have a door, chances are that you can benefit from the use of an electric lock. The locks can be used by both individuals and businesses that are looking to protect valuable people or just items of value. Families with a lot of people coming and going see an instantaneous benefit from installing an electric lock. Parents of young children no longer have to worry about whether or not their child locked the door when leaving home, or if they remembered to lock it behind them when they returned from school. Locks can often be programmed to lock automatically or even to deadbolt at different times of day, increasing the desirability of an electric lock exponentially. Singles living in an area which requires a heightened level of security can also utilize a lock to control entry and protect a home in a way that is more cost effective than a traditional, fully functional security system. Because electronic locks often come with the capability to control times at which a person can enter a room and the ability to use multiple keys for different levels of access, businesses can use electric locks as the ideal system for either room or building security. Other specific places that can use such a system include storage facilities, governmental institutions, schools, and medical buildings. The possibilities for using an electric lock are limitless. There is no system which is more versatile, easy to install, or secure, making electric locks a top choice across the board.

Types of Electric Locks There are several types of electric locks available for purchase. The first and most popular is the magnetic lock, which is also known as the mag lock. Mag locks work by supplying power to an electromagnet to engage the armature of a lock. When the door is unlocked, the electromagnet is powered off, allowing for the door to be opened. When the lock in engaged, power is supplied to keep the magnet locked tightly to the door frame. The second type of electronic lock is the electric strike. An electric strike lock is made to replace a standard strike. When a person leaves a house, an electric strike locks automatically, making security less of a concern. Mechanical locks are the type which is most popular in Europe, where many apartment buildings and private residences utilize the reliable form of security. European motor operated locks utilize two modes to protect the residents of a home. In the day mode of a motor operated lock, one latch of a door is electrically operated. During the night mode, a more secure deadbolt is used electrically. In this way, motor operated locks protect the residents of a home with security which is adaptable to a situation depending on the time of day.

How Electric Locks Work Electric locks work by using elements like solenoids, magnets, or motors to deny entry to any person trying to enter without proper authorization. When a lock is activated, power is supplied to the element. This can be done by either inserting a key, typing in the numbers and letter of a code, or using biometric forms of access control like fingerprint geometry scans or iris scans. An electric lock can be used as a stand alone system, but is often connected to some kind of access control system, which is a sophisticated system for home entry. This kind of access control system can include key control, in which several different types of keys can be used by the same lock, and fine access control, a system in which the time and place that a certain key can access a door can be controlled by software. Transaction logging is another feature which records the activity of a door.