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Audio and Video Intercom Systems: The Right Choice for Safety and Convenience

Audio and Video Intercom Systems: A Short Overview

"There's someone at the door!" your teenage daughter yells down the stairs. Realizing that nobody else is home, she trudges down the stairs and yanks open the door only to have a hand clamped over her mouth as she is dragged over the threshold. Wake up. This is your worst nightmare, but door-to-door scams, thefts, and kidnappings are more common than is publicly recognized. In order to avoid bringing this kind of horror to reality, it is important to protect a home or business against intruders. One of the best ways to ensure the safety of the residents of a home and workers at a business is to install an intercom system. With a wide variety of uses and options as to the type of intercom systems offered, there is a solution for every need and budget. Audio and video intercom systems are the right choice for protecting a home or business.

Who Can (and Should) Use Audio and Video Intercom Systems

The is not a single homeowner who would not benefit from owning an audio or video intercom system. The protection offered by such a system can ease the minds of parents, alleviate the fears of urban city dwellers and rurally located nature lovers alike, and give greater security overall to the elderly and other people who live alone. We live in a society in which, sadly, people cannot trust every person who comes to their door. But doors are meant to protect privacy, and, as a side effect of this, also shield the identity of a person outside the door. Even installing windows on a door does not help. Having someone see us come to the door does not make hiding very easy in a sensitive situation. The only solution to this problem is installing an audio and video intercom system. Monitoring the person who is outside of a door before you let them gain entry into the house can prevent unnecessary theft, loss of property, and threatening situations. There is no substitute for an audio and video intercom system in determining who lurks outside your door.

Besides protecting homes from intruders, intercom systems can also enrich communication. If someone is ringing the doorbell, but the person inside the home is currently unable to get to the door, an intercom system can allow for quick and easy communication of this concern. People within a home can utilize room to room channels, which can be very useful in a household where the resident's hands are often full, or in a duplex situation, where a home's goings-on must be shared with the other occupants. This communication feature is also useful in an office setting, where it is sometimes impossible to deliver messages in person within the correct time frame. Intercom systems allow for communication while still providing privacy.

Additionally, intercom systems can be a source of entertainment. With many such systems functioning as stereo systems, it is possible to play music throughout and even outside of a house, lending new meaning to the phrase "surround sound". Listeners can walk from room to room without suffering the effects of dramatic changes in volume. This is especially useful in large homes and in offices where ambient music is a necessity.

What Type of Audio and/or Video Intercom System to Purchase

There is a wide spectrum of audio and video intercom systems available for purchase. With any number of combinations of audio, video, and special features, it may become difficult to decide on the type of intercom desired. But by asking yourself several questions about the types of things you would like to use an intercom for, a clear winner may start to emerge from the slew of options. The following questions should be useful in determining which type of audio and/or video intercom system to purchase:

What kind of protection would I like to have?

There are intercoms for slight protection and others for total lock down. An intercom with limited protection, such as audio alone, might be useful in a business setting where the additional security may only be necessary after hours. In a home with young children or a single person's first home, an intercom system with video capabilities at the doorway and the ability to snap photos of potentially shady characters is nearly a requirement.

What kind of personal communication solutions am I seeking?

Secure intercom systems come in both single channel and room-to-room channel capabilities. Depending upon the type of privacy necessitated by a situation, the needs for a system change.

What additional features would be useful to my situation?

Intercoms can be accompanied by a huge variety of extra features. These extras range from CD players and AM/FM radios to led lights for visibility and portable monitors for convenience. Customizable doorbells, door-to-phone options, and the ability to take photos are all features that are available as add-ons.

An Intro to How Audio and Video Intercom Systems Work

Intercoms are simple enough to understand. In this kind of system, a microphone and/or a video camera are stationed outside the door. Monitoring can be constant, or motion/doorbell activated. On some systems a person inside may relay a message to the person outside the door, who is sometimes able to answer back. In video intercom systems, live video of the person outside is streamed to a TV, wall panel, or even a portable device.